Job seekers beware, find the right independent employment agent and you’re on the way to a job that offers good pay and benefits. But find the wrong employment agent and it could mean disaster and, worse yet, cost you money.First, let’s define some terms. An “independent employment agent” is more commonly called a “private employment agent”. This type of agents charges a job seeker a fee for finding them a job. For most job seekers, it is best to work with a “normal” employment agent or recruiter. Recruiters provide job seekers information enabling them to secure employment. Recruiters also provide employers with information enabling them to secure workers.Fortunately, finding the right employment agent isn’t that difficult. A quick check through a local phone book will provide phone numbers for dozens of employment agencies. Locating an agency can also be accomplished through a search on the Internet in most cases by Googling “employment agencies”, along with the city where you reside or in which you hope to find a job. Another resource is major newspapers, which usually run advertisements for employment agencies in the classified section.But don’t be complacent and settle on the first company listed in the phone book, on a search listing or even the one closest to you. Shop around and compare the different employment agencies listed by studying their advertisements to see if the services they offer are right for you.A good employment agency is one that asks questions about job candidates who come through the door. Usually they will ask for a resume and maybe even references. Expect some kind of screening also. Screening at the agency may involve examinations to determine typing abilities, mathematical skills, decision making, judgment, relevant experience, and so on.Such examinations are never fun and often downright dull. But they’re necessary to make sure you’re qualified for the positions in which you may be placed. And any recruiter that is not concerned about placing competent employees is probably not one you want to do business with anyway.Things a job seeker should look for when using an employment agent include:
Obtaining details about the type of positions the agency fills and, when matched with a position, the specifics of the job. An agency that can’t provide basic information such as salary, responsibilities, hours, etc. is not competent and it’s probably time to decline the position and look elsewhere for help.

Make sure you’re not using an agency that makes false claims by luring you in for a position only to inform you it has been staffed and then attempting to place you in something totally outside your area of expertise.

What positions has the employment agent filled in the past for individuals with your education and experience? If the agent or agency is known for placing construction workers and you are a scientist, then you’re probably in the wrong place.

Ask for references and check with the local Better Business Bureau to assure there have not been complaints against the employment agent and/or agency.

Ask if employers or job seekers are responsible for any fees associated with locating a job.
Enjoying work is important for everyone. That’s why choosing an employment agency with employees who are competent, honest and friendly is paramount. Just as with any business, there are good and bad recruiting agencies.But finding a good agency can be realized by knowing where to look and what questions to ask. It’s almost like making a major purchase successfully through investing time and doing homework as part of the process.