There is a way you can make more money if you are in the business of publishing information. You can increase the number of ebooks that you create. But, if you want to consider increasing your income on a larger scale, you should take a serious look at the high-end ticket sales too. By developing products like seminars, boot camps and advanced coaching sessions, you have the means by which clients will pay up to say, $12000 for a product, rather than $10 – $97 for ebooks. You will not sell as many products of course, but the leverage, as you can see, is enormous.Discover 4 ways that show you how to excel with high-ticket product creation:1. Be the expert in your niche. Study your niche intensely; it needs to become second nature to you before you rush into anything that people will trust you about. Become a great knowledge-fountain for your audience. In an ideal world you would have a practical, working experience of the topics you discuss. So, if you want to teach people about article writing, you should be able to demonstrate the various techniques that will bring success for them. However, as this is not always immediately practical, at least make sure you’re knowledgeable about, and familiar with, the techniques. Above all, you should be able to answer any questions they put to you.2. Talk with prospects before you create content for your product. It’s a very good idea to discuss your target market’s needs with them. You can easily do this by going to the forums and discussion boards where they all meet. You can suggest that their answers, and more, can be found at your seminar or coaching program.3. Don’t hold back. These people are spending large sums of money, so it is only fair to offer everything you can. Your generosity will be appreciated when you supply trade secrets, techniques, and methods to accelerate their learning curve.4. The more you offer, the more you’ll be respected. Work hard to make sure they see you as more than just someone who wants their money. You must genuinely want to help them. Always offer them something extra, of value. For instance, you can add value to 15 one to one coaching sessions for $10000, by adding on two extra ones, for free. This type of offer will earn customer loyalty and trust, and respect.